Environments and Configuration Management


Our IT solutions


  • Automation of (Development / Quality / Production) Environment’s Configuration Management for DevOps

    Development Environment = Quality Environment = Production Environment

  • Centralized monitoring and continuous use of resources

    The Environment management of IT infrastructure, including Development Environments (which focuses on the design and software maintenance), Quality Environments (which is necessary to ensure the proper functioning and performance for functional and load tests) and the Production Environment (where machines perform with the highest quality to its interactive function with end users), you need a centralized and continuous monitoring in order to find possible malfunctions and provide early warnings should they arise, in order to minimize large losses.

  • Support in sizing the acquisition / new hardware upgrade, migration to cloud (public, private and hybrid)

    When you need to evaluate new hardware/cloud services or increase the capacity of existing ones/to help in cloud rapid elasticity, in order to increase productivity and profitability of your company, we present the solutions.