App Servers and Tools Management

Tools Management Development tools, IDE, version control, etc. Choosing the right tools for your company is a very important step, depending on the good functioning and also its success. We support this difficult decision-making task and ensure the installation, configuration and upgrade / migration of these tools. Manual / Automated Functional Testing Tools To ensure … Continue reading App Servers and Tools Management


Integration and Datas / Applications Migration

   Services focused on: Migration of Monolithic Applications to Micro-services Applications/SOA Applications (distributed systems) Database migrations (oracle, mySQL, postgreSQL,hsqlDB,informix,etc.) to container management system KEY BENEFITS: Free from Monolithic Hell Reduced Software Maintenance Cost Improves fault isolation:  if a component fails, it does not compromise the whole system Quick move to new technology stack Facilitate the … Continue reading Integration and Datas / Applications Migration

iws-Products and Services

Integrated services, focused primarily in ITIL, Agile Development and DevOps: Computer Systems Support (Physical Bare-metal/ Virtual / Cloud – public / private /hybrid) Design, installation and management of environments Tests / quality / production Automated functional testing management (Since the development / generation casetesting / implementation to execution) Management and configuration Releases / Deliverables Administration of version control tools, including migration Operating Systems Administration Database administration and big data Integration and Data Migration Maintenance and Administration App. Servers Management and Migration Servers Design and backups mechanism of implementation Maintenance and administration of Java/Python/PHP/SOA/Microservices applications Audit Java/Python/PHP/SOA/Microservices applications Capacity Testing (Performance/Stress/Load) Wiki - Administration and Migration